In our Spring, 2002 newsletter, we highlighted station formats and included descriptions and demographics of typical listeners for each format. Many have been surprised to learn just how many, or how few, of each formatted station there are.

For example, when asked, most would say that ‘talk’ or ‘news’ are the number one formats in the United States. However, country is overwhelmingly the number one format, followed by news and Spanish-language formatted stations.

When targeting any radio campaign, it is essential to determine the geographics and demographics you want to reach. Geographic targeting is typically pretty basic. Ask yourself this question: Does what I am pitching affect the people who live in this area? Demographic information, or pitching by format, can be a bit trickier. Within the geographic areas you are pitching, you want to make sure that you are only pitching stations that are formatted towards your ideal listener. The best advice is to picture your ideal listener. Are they predominately male or female? How old are they? What is their education level? Do they listen to talk radio or mostly music? Asking a few leading questions can help you really visualize the ideal listener and formulate a list of potential formats to pitch.

We have provided a list of the number of stations per format, as a follow up to the format descriptions and to help determine the possible universe for your message. For more radio resources, including format descriptions, please


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