When gearing up to do media relations work, many PR folks focus on writing the release, pitching or distributing the story to a list of media contacts, then cross their fingers and hope media outlets will pick up the story. Sometimes the story does receive a lot of pick up and coverage. However, there are many times when coverage is minimal or nonexistent. By the time a PR professional is making their assessments about the outreach, it is often too late, stations have moved on to the next story.

One major component missing from many media relations campaigns is follow up. Follow up is a critical element of a project’s success. If you are going to take the time to write a pitch, get client approval, send out a release, set up interviews or feed a story, why not go that one extra step and follow up to get some feedback about how stations used your story? Or, more importantly, if they didn’t use the story, why not?

Follow up with reporters can provide information that is valuable to both you and your clients. If a pitch does not resonate with a reporter, find out why, so next time you pitch the station, you can present the information in a more compelling manner that fits their needs. Reporters are a PR professional’s best resource and greatest ally when it comes to providing feedback on pitching and content.

At News Generation, we complete comprehensive follow up on all our stories. Not only does it help with the current story we are working on, but we are able to draw out information on trends and become more in tune with reporters’ needs, making us a better resource for our clients.


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