Audio press conferences are not a common practice, because they require a breaking news element that doesn’t happen every day. These press conferences impart important news that cuts across many listener demographics, not just information that one sector of society will find compelling. APCs should only be used when information needs to get out as quickly as possible, often impacting health and safety. These conferences typically involve high-level executives of a company, speaking directly to the media in an effort to relay important information and help bolster a company’s flagging reputation. One recent example of a time to use the audio press conference would be the West Virginia mine tragedy. Executives of the mine could use a teleconference to speak with the media across the country about the latest rescue efforts and developments. APCs can be in conjunction with a traditional on-site press conference or in lieu of one. For most public relations functions, however, a radio media tour is often a better use of a spokesperson’s time and a way to ensure that there are interviewers on the line to speak to your executive.

Answer submitted by Lynn Harris Medcalf,
Executive Vice President, News Generation, Inc.