Celebrity interviews are by far the most desirable type of interview and that applies to celebrity journalists, authors, politicians, chefs, and entertainers. Celebrities include anyone who is well-known, credible, or respected in a particular field or is scandalous, hot, front-page, and outrageous. But regardless of the type of celebrity, producers normally don’t tie up the phone lines unless they consider the celebrity being pitched to have an “A” rating at the time of the booking.

As successful as a celebrity interview can be, there can be some risks as well. Celebrity interviews are memorable, so if a celebrity is having an “off” day, if there’s no chemistry between the hosts and the celebrity, if there’s an air of arrogance on the part of the celebrity, or a chill in the air, you can cross a number of stations off your list the next time that superstar wants publicity.

In addition, sometimes celebrities representing products or events can have their celebrity overshadow whatever it is they are representing. In other words it’s not the product or issue that gets the attention. Pitchers should be aware that the focus of the interview can become the life of the celebrity; this is fine if the star is promoting his or her show, book or music video, but otherwise, the message can get lost.

Answer submitted by Martha Sharan,
Operations Manager, News Generation, Inc.