One of the most critical factors for setting a date and time for a radio media tour is the most obvious: timeliness. A successful radio media tour will often find itself tied in with an event, premiere, holiday, or news hook that provides for an obvious link for the listening audience.

For example, seat belt safety campaigns prove to be most effective around Thanksgiving and the Fourth of July, when Americans take to the roads in record numbers. Hosts of television programs have more to offer to an audience when they are kicking off a new season or promoting a special episode.

As far as the time of day, it is best to prepare your spokesperson for an early wake-up call. Most interviews are found on the morning shows, so a window between 8:00 a.m. and noon Eastern Time will cover these slots across the country and provide for the most effective use of the spokesperson’s time.

Answer submitted by Curtis H. Gill,
Operations Manager, News Generation, Inc.