When looking for a radio services firm, choose a company that has the most up-to-date station and network contact information for the most effective pitching and placement. Instead of using a directory that is typically outdated as soon as it hits the printing press, it’s important for a firm to have latest information at their fingertips at all times.

You should look for a firm that has also worked hard to build their relationships with stations and networks through pitching quality stories. Having access to these reporters is key, including what time to pitch them, the best way to contact them, their e-mail addresses, and direct numbers, allowing them to get stories out as quickly as possible.

Important questions to ask include: Do you individually pitch stories to radio? If not, how do you get stories to them? Do you follow up to find out when a story was used? If not, how do you gather usage information? How often do you contact radio stations with stories? Do you have a database of all the licensed stations in the country?

Answer submitted by Lynn Harris Medcalf,
Executive Vice President, News Generation, Inc.