A rising demand for companies to cross over and promote their products or services in Spanish has overwhelmed many firms who are not prepared to meet the challenge. Close to eight percent of the radio stations in the U.S. are Spanish language format. Clients who wish to reach out to this powerful growing consumer base should make sure their firm really knows and understand the composition of the Spanish-speaking audience in their target markets.

“Knowing your audience is the key to tailoring a strong pitch. This is crucial in order to get the story across”, says Carmen Luisa Cruz, News Generation media representative. “Also being culturally sensitive, knowing the nuances in the language, and sending supporting materials in Spanish helps build a trust with producers’ which leads to loyalty.”

Proper planning, studying the market, knowing how to pitch the story, and being able to deliver supporting materials in Spanish makes a difference in determining if the story will make it on the air.

Answer submitted by Carmen Cruz,
Media Representative, News Generation, Inc.