The most important tip I can give is to get familiar with the format of the show you are pitching. In today’s age of radio, many radio formats are designed to reach a specifically defined segment or niche of the listening population, based on such demographic criteria as age, ethnicity, background, etc. Make sure you are pitching a story that fits a morning show’s format.

As you are pitching radio stations, take note on what interests the producers and hosts. Often they give you clues to what interests them. Within a conversation, they might mention, “Oh, I love Animal Planet,” or “I follow the high-tech industry closely.” Make note of their comments so when appropriate topics come up you can pitch them on subjects you know they are interested in. This will make your interaction more personable and increase the likelihood they will take your call the next time.

Take the time to develop a relationship with the reporters and producers you call – some are direct and to the point, others love to chat – so chat about their families, politics, current events, etc. It’s a “people” business, don’t sound like a robot with a memorized script in front of you!

Answer Submitted by Martha Sharan,
Operations Manager, News Generation, Inc.