The best way for a spokesperson to prepare for a radio media tour seems simple, but it is to familiarize themselves with the discussion topics. Having local statistics to localize the interview always helps. Most radio stations are looking to associate the topic with their listeners as much as they can and providing local data is the easiest and most effective way to accomplish this feat. It also helps to know the specifics of air times and websites that may be affiliated with the topic so that they can be incorporated into the interview.

If the spokesperson is working off a talking points sheet, make sure that it is close by because fumbling for this information can lose credibility points. Speak in sound bites. Long winded answers do not translate to radio very well. Keep an internal clock going to make sure that answers do not carry on for more than a 45-seconds to a minute. Last and most importantly, keep corporate mentions to a minimum as stations are not interested in giving out commercial time for free.

Answer submitted by Curt Gill,
Operations Manager, News Generation, Inc.