An audio news release (ANR) is a 60-second packaged news story that includes a 15 to 20 second sound bite from your spokesperson. The story is pitched and fed to interested stations and networks over the phone. ANRs are phone fed during morning drive time when newsrooms are fully staffed.

Stories that work best for audio news releases are direct in nature. Survey releases and issues that can be addressed in a one page press release work best. Choosing one focus for an audio news release is key to an ANR’s success. If a survey is used, the most salient finding is the best focus for the ANR. ANRs can be turned around quickly and can be used in a current news situation to get information out to radio stations within 24 to 48 hours, so if you have a current news situation, consider using an audio news release.

Answer submitted by Lynn Harris Medcalf,
Executive Vice President, News Generation, Inc.