Radio is a responsive medium. Without the need for an image and without print deadlines, radio is often the first to break a story.

If an issue needs to get out immediately, an audio bite line, an 800# line for stations and networks to call and record sound bites or an audio news release, is a good option. A release is sent to a large number of stations in your target market to alert them to the audio availability and a random sample of follow up is used to gauge usage.

If you have 24 to 48 hours to get the story out to stations, an audio news release is the best option. In our experience, pitching a story often results in a higher usage rate. The list of stations and networks for an audio news release is also more targeted, so you will likely get more usage concentrated on stations that are most important to you than when using an audio bite line.

Depending on your timeline and goals, either an audio bite line or audio news release will work to get your breaking news story out to radio stations quickly and effectively, often beating other mediums at breaking the story.

Anwer submitted by Lynn Harris Medcalf,
Executive Vice President, News Generation, Inc.