Conventions are a great opportunity to use radio, where a lot of spokespeople are gathered in one place, making the logistics of recordings and interviews easier than when everyone is spread around the country. For years, one way associations have been getting publicity is by completing hometown interviews from conventions. Media rooms are set up as interviewing stations, and spokespeople (i.e. association members) can report at a pre-determined time to do an interview with a media outlet in their hometown or state. Or, they can be recorded and the media team at the conference can pitch sound bites out to stations back in the spokesperson’s hometown.

Logistically, using radio to promote the convention works well for a communications team and also has a great cache of having the sound come from the floor of a convention center, where like minds are meeting to present groundbreaking information in their industry.

Answer submitted by Susan Matthews Apgood,
President, News Generation, Inc.