Yes, you should follow up with stations, but keep in mind that it is a fine line to walk, and timing on a follow up call must be well planned. Keeping in mind that you don’t want to seem too anxious, but you want them to know that you are there and are interested in their response. From talking with reporters, most of them now prefer to receive an e-mail first which can then be followed up with a phone call. It is typically best to then wait a couple of days before making another phone call. We don’t recommend that you leave a message each time you call, otherwise you might come off as desperate.

It is typically best to only leave a message a couple of days before the event is going to occur and maybe send a follow up e-mail in the meantime. But never wait more than a couple of days after the initial e-mail to make contact with a reporter. Reporters get a lot of pitches and you want to make sure your pitch gets to the top of the pile, and a follow up phone call is the way make sure it does.

Answer submitted by Curtis H. Gill,
Operations Manager, News Generation, Inc.