The second largest radio network in the country is one that many people may not have heard of, even media relations professionals. Unlike Associated Press or CBS that brand themselves in all of their broadcast products, Metro Source provides reports and soundbites that appear to be produced in their affiliate’s studios, essentially becoming an extension of each affiliate station’s news department.
A division of Westwood One Communications, Metro Source is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, but operates satellite news affiliates in nearly sixty cities from New York to Colorado Springs. The company is an information service available to more than 2,200 subscribing affiliates via satellite delivery, providing broadcast-ready news copy and soundbites as well as feature and show prep material. Services include continuously updated and breaking news, weather, sports, business and entertainment information to affiliate stations.
A staff of news bureau chiefs, state correspondents, professional news writers and reporters generate the content. Stories produced by local news bureaus and state correspondents are shared with all Metro Source clients through the company’s satellite delivery news system, making it the largest supplier of traffic, news, sports and weather programming to the broadcasting industry in the country. In fact, Metro is heard by more than 100 million adults throughout the U.S.
The unique aspect of Metro Source is that despite its size, the agency still operates on a local basis. Its statewide news staffs are looking not only for stories that are important nationally, but also for news that affects their particular state as well. Each bureau has a state correspondent who is charged with providing content for local listeners first and national listeners second.
News operations such as Associated Press, CNN, and NPR will normally only assign correspondents to the four or five largest markets and Washington, D.C. The broadened coverage offered by Metro Source provides an opportunity to target stories with local information that will fulfill the needs of the statewide correspondent, and with national information that will provide access to the largest radio audience in the country.

by Curt Gill
Operations Manager
News Generation, Inc.