Satellite radio is one of the newer, exciting technologies in radio that can offer more options for pitching and placing stories. Currently, there are not a lot of programs made exclusively for satellite radio. For example, Howard Stern, Good Morning America on the Radio and Martha Stewart all have satellite radio only shows that can be pitched on interview topics and guests. While there may not be as many satellite-only opportunities, there are more shows that broadcast both on satellite and traditional radio. Air America is one good example. When we pitch and place a story with Air America, we get the benefit of having it air on traditional radio affiliates and on satellite radio.
Since listenership for satellite radio can be difficult to gauge, pitching one of the shows that has both a satellite component and traditional radio affiliates, can provide listener measurement, which is so important in public relations efforts. The good news is that radio measurement firms, like Arbitron, are developing satellite radio measurement capabilities, so stay tuned.

posted by Lynn Harris Medcalf