Writer Jeff Porro was a recent guest speaker at a Washington Women in PR luncheon. He wrote the script for the movie The Great Debaters, which was released in theaters in late 2007. A friend he wrote the script with had an in at Harpo Productions, the Oprah Winfrey production company. Denzel Washington heard about the script, expressed interest and, well, the rest is sort of history. Jeff said some arcane writer’s guild rules almost meant that his name would not appear in the movies credits. But in the end he got the credit he deserved. My truncated version of his story does not do it justice. The whole process, from writing the script to wrapping production, took 12 years. Of particular relevance to us here at Tuning In is that Jeff used outside PR people to pitch him on local and national media. Check his website to see the results.

When he is not writing big time Hollywood movie scripts (he is working on two now), Jeff runs his own PR writing firm.