Okay, so I just learned a lot about ethics and credibility in business. Ethics is one of those things that people often dismiss as a “no brainer.” As the simple and easy distinction between right and wrong. If this were only so. Most business decision are wrought with ethical implications and as it turns out, the wrong decision is very easy to make. When business ethics come up, thoughts naturally turn to the big offenders – the Enrons and Tycos of the world. But ethical decisions present themselves on a much smaller scale every day, in every business setting. According to a study by the Ethics Resource Center, almost every year for the past several years at least 50% of employees surveyed said they had witnessed some sort of unethical behavior on the part ogf their coworkers – and you know who you are.

In the PRSA event I attended today (see previous post) the question of the different feeling towards ethics between those post-40 and those younger than 40 came up as well. I find it fascinating. No clear answers as to why a difference might exist, but I agree with one of the speakers who pointed out the more transient approach to work that the younger generations have. They have witnessed business being disloyal to their families and friends, and they feel no need to be loyal to their employer. Afterall, another job is right around the corner, right?…


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