From ethics to the law. Today we had a Capital Communicators lunch at the Supreme Court. That’s right, the Supreme Court. The highlight was a great talk given by the Kathy Arberg, the Public Information Officer for the court. What exactly does a public information officer do for an entity that supplies so little actual public information? I mean, the justices rarely if ever give interviews, they do not comment on judicial philosophy, past decisions, current cases, etc. Ms. Arberg explained that she manages, for lack of a better word, the press corp that covers the court. And depending on the issue, the Justice Thomas book release for example, she works on setting up the publicity that is needed. I am not doing justice (pause for laughter) to her talk here, but suffice it to say that it was very informative, and she is a busy woman.

The meeting room where the lunch was held was impressive to say the least, and the only thing that took away from the austerity of the architecture overall was the fact that it was crawling with what seemed like a million teenagers. We, along with a group of the aforementioned young people, stayed for a short lecture by an employee of the court in which she identified the Supreme Court as the legislative branch of the government. Thus leading several dozen impressionable young minds astray.

Okay, case closed…


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