I returned from the Bulldog Reporter Media Relations Summit in San Francisco last night. It was a good conference, with interesting speakers and some really informative break-out sessions. And I got to meet some really fun people who are passionate about the work thay they do – whether it’s PR, Tech, publishing etc. I attended most of the blog/social media sessions, and I can safely say that I am more informed on the technology and the trends, but no more sure of exactly how these tools can help me in what I do. I just still think these are murky waters.

Robert Scoble gave a presentation on all of the tools he uses in his daily life to stay connected and informed and on top of trends. It was truly mind boggling, and I suspect that those in the audience that did not dismiss it as not applicable to their work are still trying to digest it all. I am somewhere in the middle – fascinated by the technology and the changes but not quite sure if all of it really represents progress in the larger picture – how do these tools that are supposed to be connecting us to more people actually seperating us in unprecedented ways. Are they simply more ways to get information we do not need – or is information the currency of the new economy. I am still thinking about all of this. More later…


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