You can tell people over and over again about the power that radio has – it’s reach, it’s successes, it’s history. But nothing brings this home like real world examples. An article in the May 22 issue of the Washington Post did just that. It was an article about NPR’s coverage of the devestating earthquake in China, and it clearly illustrates how radio is unmatched in its ability to bring a story to people. (I might be a tad biased here).

NPR’s Robert Siegel sums it up beautifully by saying of radio, “I think it’s a medium that, every decade, is declared dead and somehow it manages to survive. When you have TV, you always have to have pictures, and that gets in the way of language. . . . There’s something very natural about talking to people and hearing the human voice. It’s a very elemental form of communication.”

I must say that I have been riveted by the coverage NPR has provided and there is no doubt in my mind they will win many awards for this. Anyway, here is the story from the Post.