News Generation’s Susan Apgood posts from the Democratic Convention:

We are watching speeches waiting for the big ones, and did some walking around. So far, we have seen Mitt Romney, Tom Brokaw, Juan Williams, Mo Rocca, Joe Scarborough and lots of other famous, important people that I don’t recognize. More later…

Here in Denver at the Democratic Convention, we just completed about 30 interviews with American Federation of Teachers delegates back to their home markets all around the country plus three national networks with their National President Randi Weingarten.

The buzz today is all about Hillary’s speech from last night. After Mark Warner gave his keynote, they showed a brief video of Hillary’s life as a mother, wife and political candidate which was very moving and got the crowd excited. When Chelsea introduced her mom, you could feel the electricity in the air. Signs were handed out throughout the evening and we were asked to hold up signs at approporiate times stating “McCain, No more of the Same” and “Strong Middle Class” and “Renewing our Energy,” with one simply stating “Hillary” as the last speaker about to come on.

The energy was high, and the anitcipation building for the speech that has been talked about for months. You could hear a pin drop at certain points of the speech, and at others you could feel the walls shaking for all the cheering. This was her moment, and Hillary supporters had tears in their eyes as they watched in awe. Then, out came the signs that said “Unity” on one side and “Obama” on the other. It was quite a visual, and will be hard to forget that magic moment with cheers from Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, and Jimmy Carter at the speech ended with an endorsement for Obama to be the next president of the United States.

Was neat to watch the speech unfiltered, without voiceovers saying the speech was “forced,” “genuine,” or otherwise. Leaving the convention center, it was fun to see the reactions of the crowd all excited from the experience, and watch on the flatscreens all around as the political commentating promptly began.