News Generation recently received a couple of good press hits in the September 1 issue of PR Week. I can only provide a taste here but if you are a PR Week subscriber you should be able to access the full articles by logging in to your account.

The first was on page 18 and was an interview conducted with our EVP Lynn Medcalf on how pitching to radio must adjust to meet the changing face of radio. She reminds readers that new technology can provide added coverage, “You can get on traditional radio and then get a bump from a podcast. Website exclusive podcasts are another option.” She also notes that, “Stations are trying to extend their listening day. Ask what they’re looking for and make customized pitches.”

The second was a part of their regular PR Toolbox feature on page 21 that provides Q&A; tips on best practices in the PR/media relations world. Our Q&A; concerned how to best localize stories to optimize their usefulness to radio stations. In the piece News Generation’s Curt Gill shares a method that works, “…have a general release but provide stations with additional supporting information, such as state by state statistics from a survey or study that evaluate each area.”

I hope you can access the full pieces as they are both informative.