The answer to this question, submitted by News Generation, was recently published in PR Week’s October 27th issue:

Q. What is the benefit of an onsite recording for an audio news release or radio media tour?

A. On-site event coverage has a number of advantages for both spokespeople and reporters. The most important benefit is connection. Radio is the perfect medium to allow local spokespeople to talk with local reporters from a timely event. Reporters get a local focus from a national story, providing them with the content they seek to connect with their audience, and spokespeople get to share information on the impact of the event they are attending and what it means for people back home. When a member of an association is attending an event and representing a group from his or her local market, it provides a great opportunity to relay the feel and atmosphere of the event to those back home and gives listeners information about how their local interests are being represented. Whether they are in Washington DC to fight for particular legislation or at a convention to release their latest research, on-site radio recordings and interviews help to position spokespeople as ambassadors for an issue. And it helps provide insights into an issue for constituents back home.

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