When pitching Hispanic radio, it is important to become familiar with the individual markets and the content that radio stations air on their shows.   Depending on the format and location, a Spanish-language station might well cover the same stories that English-language stations in their market cover.  Knowing the preferences, styles and topics of interest of producers and radio hosts can really help you properly position a story.  Checking station websites and listening to their shows can provide good indicators on how to present your pitches.

In addition, it is important to remember that the Hispanic market is diverse.  The most successful pitches provide relevant information on geographic regions and demographics that a station reaches, just as you would for the English language station.  For example, a Southeastern Florida station serving a mostly Cuban/South American audience as compared to a Southwestern Texas radio station serving a largely Mexican population would require ANRs, PSAs and interviews to be written in appropriate dialects and positioned for their specific audiences.

To give an example, an ANR on politics in Cuba most likely have the highest usage rates in Florida and along the East Coast where the Cuban population is highest, but not as much relevance for the Southwestern U.S. markets that serve a demographic that is more focused on Mexico and South America.

Another important factor to consider is many Spanish stations may have multiple audiences depending on the time of day.  For example, some Spanish stations may have a Mexican driven morning show but in the afternoons the shows may switch to a South American targeted audience. Therefore, you may need to package your pitches according to what market you are trying to reach or have multiple show styles for the same station.

On a final note, remember that most producers and radio personalities are looking for stories that evoke emotion and make a connection with “their” audience, so having a pitch that relates to their lifestyle and needs of the Hispanic audience is important.


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