What is the benefit of radio stations using podcasting technology?

These days, it would be a challenge to find a radio station that without an online presence. Increasingly, stations are providing downloadable content in the form of podcasts that allow listeners the freedom to listen on their own schedule. Our recent survey of top news and talk radio stations in the top-25 markets dug a little deeper to find out what podcasting means for stations.
Of the 25 stations surveyed, only one did not use podcasting as a way to further its audience reach. When asked why stations use podcasting, we found that it’s low relative cost and return on investment make it way to increase advertiser investment. Podcasting also offers listeners an opportunity to share special segments with friends, extending the station’s brand beyond the airwaves.
With podcasting, stations maximize their audience through embracing new technologies and promoting their traditional broadcast at little additional cost. The best of both worlds.

Posted by Lynn Harris Medcalf