As part of News Generation’s sponsorship for the PRSA-NCC chapter, we produce podcasts of select professional development workshops. On March 25, 2009 we recorded a podcast on ‘Tips for Showing Value in 2009’ held at the U.S. Navy Memorial and Heritage Center.

Here are the details of the event: You’ve been charged with moving the needle of awareness for your organization. You have a plan, but it’s going to raise your budget. How do you justify the expense and prove that a PR program has a meaningful impact on both your internal and external audiences? In these tough economic times, organizations and individuals are under intense scrutiny to prove their worth and value.

In fact for many communicators in 2009 and beyond, how much value they bring to their organization may be the key to their survival and success – compounded by a fundamental shift to the Internet, which is creating an on-going need to understand and use new tools in our profession. To address these needs, PRSA’s Professional Development Committee assembled a diverse panel of experts who presented tips for showing value in 2009.

To hear this interactive dialogue, you can download the podcast and find out the best ways to navigate through these uncertain times.