For this year’s Media Relations 2009, we were track sponsors of “Tactics that Work.” On Monday, May 18, Michael Smart provided some great insights on having your pitches really resonate with reporters. What it all boils down to is something that we probably already know, but can never be reminded enough — Do your homework! Know what reporters cover and provide insight into why your story would work for THAT reporter. Michael’s pitching successes are legendary, so it’s always worth heeding his advice.

Also on Monday, May 18, we heard from Katie Paine from KD Paine & Associates and Rob Key from Converseon about the importance of measuring the impact of social media, and despite what you may have heard, it actually can be done, as long as you know what your trying to gain from your social media efforts. Another insightful seminar was about what journalists look for in a corporate newsroom from Ibrey Woodall from TEKgroup International and an excellent case study from Deborah Meany from Prudential. Keeping your website easy to navigate and providing easy access to journalists were the primary takeaways here. And we ended the day with Jon Greer from MediaBridge provided information on getting corporate executives prepared for interviews.

On Tuesday, May 19, we had more good tips from seminars on Search Engine Optimization or SEO from Jon Wuebben from Telegent with tips and tricks that would surprise even the savviest of webmasters, like writing cleverly with metatags to help elevate your search engine results. Doug Dome and Peter Cumbo gave an entertaining and enlightening seminar on fostering a creative environment in the workplace to get the most creative work out of our teams.

The radio panel was interesting when the panelists were actually invited to speak which was about 30 minutes into an hour long seminar. Was happy to hear Steve Holt from WCBS use one of our recent interviews with Sam Waterston as an example of a good spokesperson and interesting topic!

Overall, an excellent two days with some tangible takeaways that we can all put to immediate use. Nice job Bulldog Reporter!