I was fortunate to be invited to the Boss Ladies retreat at Miraval in Tucson between July 7 and 10, 2009. This group of dynamic women business owners take an annual trek out west to share ideas, experiences and take time to reflect on what’s really important both in business and in life.

Miraval’s reputation as a spa precedes itself, but it’s really a lot more than a spa or a vacation destination. While it does have a world renowned spa and a million ways you can pamper yourself, it’s the experiential programs that will really stick with you.
At this year’s retreat, Susan and I went on several high flying adventures. The first of which was Quantum Leap II. We put on a harnass and climbed up a 35-foot pole — Susan first since she’s an adventurous gal — with me following behind her. We then had to wrestle ourselves up on a platform that looked no bigger than a skateboard (two people on this tiny skateboard? You’ve got to be kidding!), balance ourselves, then leap off, hoping all the while that the people below belayed us properly and we weren’t leaping to our deaths!

Another of our adventures had us swinging from a rope 35 feet above the groud in A Swing and a Prayer. This one seemed much easier having done Quantum Leap II the day beforehand. I was actually able to relax on this one and just enjoy the ride.

While I loved my spa treatments including a facial and reflexology, it was my interactions and adventures that really had my wheels turning. Whether it was lunches with the Boss Ladies and our discussions at dinner each night or our long hikes in the dessert and challenges to face (and conquer) your fears that really make the Miraval retreat stand apart from any other trip, business or pleasure, I’ve been on.

I returned to work on Monday with a renewed sense of self and the energy to go get ’em tiger!