Burrelles Luce produced a white paper that discussed how tailoring your release so that it directly relates to your target audience or constituents, can further the reach of your message. Click here to download the white paper.

One of the most important factors in a successful public relations campaign is reaching the maximum number of people with your message. Too often though, pitches are limited to targeting one particular type of listener. The variety of radio station formats presents the opportunity for the same story to be broadcast to a wide range of audiences.

For example, travel tips are just as important to business executives on the go as they are to soccer moms on holiday, but these audiences should not be approached in the same way. While the business traveler might be more concerned with saving time, families are usually more concerned with saving money. This does not mean that certain radio station formats should be eliminated, but instead it is best to tailor the message to reach both audiences to maximize impact.

If you would like to tips on how to tailor your pitch, please refer to our seasonal newsletter.


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