~ 56% Radio Newsrooms Rely on Social Media for Story Leads ~

There is no question that social media is responsible for a dramatic shift in the relationship between those who produce news and those who consume it. Consider it another step in the evolution of communications. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs, to name just a few, are all incorporating innovative uses of the Internet.

News subscribers are no longer defined as simple recipients of news, getting information by reading newspapers, watching television or listening to reports on radio. Today, consumers of news are also gatherers of news: they participate in creating it, capturing it, and disseminating it.
In fact, in our survey of 50 radio newsrooms in the top 50-markets, News Generation uncovered the impact that social media is having in the newsroom.

The survey found that nearly half of the newsrooms (45%) use Twitter and Facebook, to offer their technologically savvy audiences an extension to conventional radio to provide another broadcast platform. Thirty percent believe that keeping pace with technology and using social media builds listenership loyalty and keeps listeners tuned-in throughout the day.

The majority of radio newsrooms (56%) rely on social media for story leads from “citizen journalists,” and 34% of radio newsrooms say social media not only provides leads but can also provide possible sources of information for news stories…additional survey results.