KPCC-FM/Los Angeles’ Cohen Suggests Targeting One Show per Outlet, Differentiating Between the Alphabet Soup of Stations

By Jim Bucci (

“Don’t send the same pitch to a bunch of reporters in the same general area,” suggests (Ms.) Alex Cohen, reporter and local host for “All Things Considered” at KPCC-FM/Los Angeles. For example, “If you send me something and I like it, but discover it’s already been pitched and was accepted by one of the talk shows on my station, then you’ve wasted my time and put me in an awkward situation with my own colleagues.” Additionally: “When people call and launch into a monologue pitch without first asking if it’s a good time indicates that you don’t value our time,” she explains. “We may well be hip-deep in breaking news and don’t have the time to talk.”¬† Click to read more.