Despite uproar over its many revamps and rumor of a pay model this summer, Facebook has something to smile about this week. The social media darling has now beaten Google as the number one most visited site in the U.S. for the week ending March 13.

Google has been on top since September of 2007. While Facebook has surpassed Google on holidays, it has never beaten the search engine during the week – until now. Many will crow that this means social media has finally reached a level of legitimacy alongside Internet giants like Google. What it more likely means is that people are finding the more personal uses of Facebook more compelling than information they would find on Google.

Our interest in Facebook runs deep. Practically every radio station we come across in our pitching has a Facebook presence. We’re finding that this is another channel for stations to keep their listeners informed about events at the station and capitalize on strong loyalty among its listener base. Further, radio has been keen to adopt new technologies to keep themselves viable in an increasingly competitive media universe. Early adopters of podcasting, streaming and RSS, radio is now using social media to stay ahead of the curve.