If you are looking for pop culture morning talk, look no further than the nationally syndicated “Bob & Sheri Show.” Hosts Bob Lacey and Sheri Lynch broadcast live each weekday morning on more than sixty stations, chatting for four hours with each other, their devoted listeners and compelling guests. Owned by Greater Media, the program began locally on WLNK-FM in Charlotte, North Carolina. Soon after its debut in 1992, it became nationally syndicated and now reaches listeners across the country from Oregon to Maine, although the majority of its listenerbase is in the Southeast.

Executive producer Todd Haller (pictured on the right) says that the program is completely listener driven with a heavy emphasis on call-ins. Haller says that there is an interesting cross-section of listeners, from soccer moms to truck drivers, even though the target audience is females over the age of 25. Interacting with listeners is the centerpiece of the show, not only through call-ins during the live broadcast, but before, during and after on Facebook and Twitter.

When it comes to guests, Haller admits that they have scaled back quite a bit on interviews. Potential guests are looked at with great scrutiny, especially in light of the new Arbitron ratings system, Portable People Meters or PPMs, which will be put into place this fall to monitor radio listenership in markets across the country. According to Haller, this electronic monitoring system is putting pressure on the program to retain listeners during each broadcast, so the show is focusing on interacting with its core audience as a way to grow its listeners.

The bottom line for Haller is if the guest doesn’t capture the audience, then it is not worth having them. He is now leaning towards taped interviews to see if the guest will engage the listeners. Haller says that if the guest doesn’t “bring it” they will not make it on air. He has found that even top celebrities are not always good interviews. Sometimes, for example, unknown, quirky guests or authors who put a different spin on a topic turn out to be the best interviews.

The “Bob & Sheri Show” offers light-hearted talk throughout the morning with real people sharing real stories. The program reaches a hard working, passionate fan-base that wants to be entertained.

by Michelle Garceau