“Almost half of all women and nearly three quarters of early adopters would buy a different cell phone if it contained a radio receiver,” was just one of hte findings at a webinar earlier this week.  This must be music to Jeff Smulyan’s ears – he’s been beating down the doors of device manufacturers and phone companies for years now. Alan Burns says the top line finding from the new study is “great news for the radio industry, because now we have hard data to show cell phone manufacturers that putting radio receivers in their products would benefit them financially.” The study finds that over half the women in the survey said they’d listen to more radio if they could listen on their phone. And we know that people don’t want to carry a bunch of extra devices – they want their phone to multi-task like crazy.
More from the study – “perceived listening is flat, with 25% listening more lately and 28% less. Most of those who are listening less say there’s no radio station that sounds like it really understands them.” Here’s a scary one for radio – “over half of 15-24 year old women say that one day, they won’t need to listen to music on the radio, because they can get it online or digital devices, cell phones, etc.” Alan, being a good consultant, looks for catchy phrases the sum up his findings, and he says the women in the study show that “radio’s strengths boil down to the Big C’s – Convenience, Companionship and Community.” The usual dichotomy about DJs shows up here. The #2 reason that heavy radio users give for listening is that they hear “entertaining people.” The #3 reason for listening less is – you guessed it – “useless DJ chatter.” That’s a challenge. For more information, visit http://www.radio-info.com/.


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