A: AQH, or Average Quarter Hour, tracks true listeners and is measured by industry leader Arbitron. Listeners have to be tuned into a station for at least five minutes during a 15-minute time period. For CUME measurements, which tend to be roughly six to ten times that of AQH, tracks listeners that touch upon a station — no matter how briefly — during the course of a daypart. So, a listener can scan on a station several times, not really listening to any of the content and be counted in CUME calculations for as many times as they scanned over a station. We want to make sure qualified listeners are actually hearing our client content. So even though AQH is a bit more conservative, we strongly believe it is a more accurate and complete reflection of listenership.

We received this question from a client, and it is a good one. We posted the answer on our website, but wanted to share on our blog as well.