As reported in, the National Association of Broadcasters recently held its annual Radio Show.  Along with the latest technologies and developments in the dynamic world of radio, many attendees were abuzz about awards.  WTOP-FM in Washington continued its winning streak by garnering two Marconi Awards for Major Market and News/Talk Station of the year.  Even more importantly, the award-winning station also perennially garners top ratings and revenues in their category. 
According to Jim Farley, WTOP’s vice president of News and Programming the station is so successful in programming and revenues, because it sees itself not just as a news and talk station, but rather because it focuses on its role as a “digital news provider.”  The multi-platform organization also has a strong sense of mission, keeping the listener at the core by covering authentic content that’s meaningful in listeners’ lives. 

In other news from NAB, tensions are running high as 15 more radio markets are transitioning to Portable People Meters, or PPM, to measure audience. With radio revenues returning sluggishly, many sales professionals at news and talk stations are worried that the combination of the economy and expected lower ratings that have plagued other stations in markets that transitioned from Diary collection to PPM.

In more technical developments, Sirius XM reports that its newest satellite is heading for the friendly skies.  Taking off from Kazakhstan, the XM-5 satellite was released by the Proton rocket more than 22,000 miles from Earth.  The satellite radio provider expects to launch another satellite, the XM-6, sometime in late 2011.

And finally with the last laugh.  A new syndicated comedy format is trying out its routine on traditional radio.  The Donkey Comedy Network is unveiling the 24/7 Comedy Radio.  Comedy veterans point to the success of 24/7 comedy channels on satellite radio, television and movies in hopes it will be a success on traditional radio.  Further, executives believe that Americans need humor to cope with tough economic times, and that radio operators want more programming options to reach the coveted 18 to 34 demographic.  No joke.


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