Today I had the privilege of seeing Vivian Schiller speak frankly at an event presented by Bethesda Magazine and the Roundhouse Theater about her career and recent controversy which lead to her separation from NPR.  
Steve Hull, editor of Bethesda Magazine, lead the discussion and after asking her about recent events, got into the future of media. She made sure to say her crystal ball was not more or less fine tuned than anyone else, but I thought had some interesting insights on radio.  Which, of course, made my ears perk up.  Mr. Hull first asked her about newspapers and magazines, and she was bullish on both.  
For radio, she mentioned she thought internet radio was going to be big in the next few years. I had always thought of internet radio as content streamed by anyone and a form of non-traditional, non-terrestrial radio.   But, she was referring to mobile apps and online versions, like TuneIn, where you can get traditional stations anywhere via computer, smartphone or car.   So, if I listened to WAMU in Washington and am traveling to Los Angeles on business, I can still listen to WAMU. 
This presents a challenge to all local stations to provide the best local and relevant content at all times.  
The challenge I see as a PR professional is how is all of this non-traditional listening going to be tracked and verified. Stay tuned…

 Posted by Susan Apgood 


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