Hi, my name is Erica and I am currently a summer intern at News Generation in Bethesda, MD here from the University of Utah. As a part of my internship, my school requires us to write a research paper on something that correlates with our internship. I have chosen to research radio stations use of social media and how the rise in social media has influenced radio stations.

Social media is taking over the world, literally. Among the different forms of social media there is Facebook and Twitter, both of which have made their mark on the world. There are over 500 million active users on Facebook and there are thousands of Tweets going out every day. As an active Facebook and Twitter user I know firsthand the power of social media. A majority of the time, Facebook and Twitter are where I get my news and information.
In my research, I plan on looking at two different sides of social media for radio, the business side and the programming side. I want to find out what stations are doing with social media and if it’s working and making a difference in how stations are run. I want to find out if listeners are responding to the social media and if the number of listeners has risen due to the popularity of social media.
Lastly, I want to find out if listeners feel a connection to specific radio hosts provided all the different means of interacting directly with the people behind the microphone. Follow me this summer to see what unfolds. Stay tuned…


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