KIIS-FM is LA’s #1 Hit Music Station. Is this because of the great music the station plays? Or is it because of the hosts and personalities on the station?

When researching the station, I found it to be very active in its use of social media. Then I looked at their social media hits versus Ryan Seacrest’s numbers and found no comparison. KIIS-FM had 114,411 Facebook “likes,” while Ryan Seacrest has a whopping 653,777. Are people more likely to follow a host or personality rather than a station in general?

Ryan Seacrest might be an unusual example due to his national fame and celebrity status. Regardless, I believe radio listeners are more apt to follow the station’s hosts rather than the stations themselves, because of the connection are looking for from a person rather than from a station. Facebook is where your friends are and if you “like” Ryan’s page, you and can look through his photos, comment on his posts and feel as though you are actually “friends” with Ryan Seacrest.

Ryan’s profile picture seen here shows Ryan more as an everyday person than as a celebrity. I find this to be more personable and again non-famous people can feel a larger connection to him when they see him in a medium that we’re actively involved in.

Here are some other forms of social media Ryan uses:

Twitter – 4,736,778 followers and over 5,000 tweets. People can follow Ryan to see what he’s up to but also find out a lot of entertainment news. Because Ryan is involved in so many areas of TV and radio, he is able to get his information out from every area on one feed.

MySpace – 688,912 friends. I didn’t know so many people were still on MySpace. We might have to check on the status of “active” users.

YouTube – Total Upload Views 48,088,771 and 62,538 subscribers. Viewers can visit Ryan’s YouTube site to see personal videos of him and the shows he’s producing.

Personal Website – Basically shows every aspect of Ryan’s professional career. This site provides news, video, blogs, photos, events and contests, but is not in as personable format as his social networking sites.

So what is more important, the station or the host? What do you think? While I am waiting for the survey results to filter in, I will be profiling some other stations use of social media to see just what I think is working and what they might want to work on. Stay tuned…


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