WLIT is an Adult Contemporary station in Chicago. Adult Contemporary is a forma known to have an adult female demographic, so I thought it would be interesting to see if the station was using as much social media as other stations that target younger audiences. What I found was that WLIT was using the same amount of social media, they just had different strategies to reach out to their listeners.

When first visiting the Facebook site I knew within the first tn seconds that it wasn’t a station I would listen to regularly.  And the more I looked the more I saw it as a “mom” station. In fact, most of the Facebook posts could be applied to mothers or women between the ages of 25-54.  When I visited the morning host, Valentine’s page, I found that not only was Valentine a male but he was also very popular with the ladies. There were numerous posts from women who clearly love this guy.  One of the posts really made me laugh.

“WOW Val. I couldn’t get ready for work unless I listen to your show.  I’m a faithful listener.  I had no idea how hot you are, and take this from a 59 year old Grandma!!!  This is the first time I’ve gone onto the website. You’re adorable, inside and out”

He is a real charmer on and off the air.  In fact, Valentine’s Facebook page was the first page I have come across where the listeners have more posts on the wall than the host does.  Women everywhere are in love with this guy.

I think WLIT’s strategy behind social media is specifically gearing it towards women, in what they are interested in, and having a great host who is obviously relatable.  Many of the posts were things on being a mother, having a husband, going to work and associated stories and pictures.  I think most would agree that we want to listen to something that we can relate to our own lives and thus feel a connection.  Stay tuned…


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