WRXP is a top rock station in New York. What makes them such a top ranking station in a densely populated area such as New York? Is it the music that they play? The promotions that they run? The jocks? Or could it be their use of social media? The station has a large list of social media that they use, but I am most impressed with their use of Facebook.

Upon visiting the site, I was immediately drawn in by their promotions, events, and “The RXP Random Picture of the Day.” Its little things like the random picture of the day that catches people’s attention and prompts them to visit the station’s page to check it out or leave a comment. The random picture shown below received 36 “Likes” and 21 comments.

You can tell a lot about a person or a company just by looking at their Facebook wall. You can see if they are an active user, how many friends they have and if their friends actually know them and comment on posts or are acquaintances with little interaction, and their daily activities as seen through posting pictures and updates. Facebook is a lot deeper than some people realize. WRXP’s page is completely geared toward the station and not a specific jock or host. In fact, after spending a morning listening to WRXP, I discovered that the station is driven more by music and by individual personalities. I listened the whole morning and didn’t hear much from the host, it was mostly music. There were a couple segments of local news and sports news, but otherwise the station is very music-intensive.
After listening to the station, I was surprised at the popularity of WRXP on social media sites. There was little interaction on the radio, but a lot of interaction on the social media sites. They post things daily and get a very good response from their listeners. I didn’t see one post that someone had not either “Liked” or commented on.
I see Facebook as a chain reaction. If one of my friends is interacting with a local radio station, it’s not long before I will see it come up on my news feed and I will visit their page. WRXP has utilized this organic growth and created a very successful, entertaining and fun Facebook page because of their strong interaction with listeners on the web.


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