As we begin to get ready to unveil our media traning video, we thought we’d take this opportunity to outline some media training tips myths.

Myth: I’ve done plenty of media interviews, so I’m ready for whatever a reporter might throw at me.

Fact:  You can never have too much practice, and never underestimate a reporter’s ability to surprise you. The reality is that the people that appear most natural in media interviews are “naturals” because they’ve practiced so much that they feel totally comfortable.  Let’s face it, having a microphone in front of your mouth or a camera pointing at your face is not something that our ancestors ever had, so no one is a “natural” on camera.  It is a skill that can be developed, not something you’re born with.  And the only way to flex your media muscle is to tone it by practicing. 

Myth: I know my message points backward and forward, so I’m all set. 

Fact: Actually, it’s the ability to be flexible and know your messaging in such a way that you can weave it into an interesting story that makes you media ready.  Let’s face it. We’ve all seen interviews where the interviewer asks a question and and the interviewee responds to a completely different question. That is someone who is a slave to their message points. The reporter asks anything that is in the least off the radar of the person being interviewed, and the interview veers off into dangerous, and sometimes comical territory.  Know your message points, but remember to be a real person.  Your authenticity will tell a much better story than a finely crafted, practiced sound bite ever could. 

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