Rumors have abounded that there will be a Houston station going all news, but no one expected it to be Radio One to make introduce an all news format.  According to, Radio One has taken note of an all news station WTOP in its hometown market of Washington, DC.  Now Radio One is seeking the help of Houston-based consultant Ed Shane, to create an all-news station from scratch.  Debut is set to be around November 14, just two short weeks from now.

Clear Channel has said that the layoffs it made of programmers in small to midmarkets in the past several weeks was not a typical layoff for cost-cutting purposes, but rather “part of a revamping of about 600 regional radio stations” where regional managers will now help oversee programming decisions.  Clear Channel is clearly focusing on midsize and smaller markets to help expand its growth, instead of all of its efforts focused on the top-markets where competition is more fierce and stations are more established.

And one more boon for social media, a new survey by Generational Strategies has found that Americans now spend more time on Facebook than watching TV between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.  What we’d like to know is how many of them are “listening at work” to their favorite stations while checking Facebook.

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