We’re hearing that the development of another all news station in Washington DC to rival WTOP may be the biggest radio story of the year.  Actually, the thing that makes this a big story is that all news stations are rising in prominence with stations like WTOP seen as money makers.  How many years have we heard that news doesn’t make money?  Tell that to CBS. They clearly want to compete head to head in a market where news happens all the time, and with their own affiliate, at that.

According to Radio Info, First, “Merlin challenged CBS with all-news in New York and Chicago. Now CBS challenges WTOP in Washington. At first it was hard for Hubbard’s WTOP (103.5 and associated signals) to give credence to the rumors – that CBS would buy an FM in Washington DC and compete with them. For one thing, WTOP is a heritage affiliate of CBS News Radio and has a contract through 2013. Then WTOP’ers started hearing more, and they believed.”

But word has it that WTOP programmers are not afraid of another news outlet in the market.  According to the station’s vice president of programming Jim Farley, more news is always a good thing, and they welcome the competition.  We couldn’t agree more.

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