Curbing Holiday Budget Hangovers                         

National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) saw a timely opportunity to promote credit unions and their services throughout the holidays and partnered with News Generation to capitalize on the fact that people want to avoid overspending their hard earned dollars during the holiday season.

The unique ability that radio has to effectively and efficiently reach a broad and large audience in a timely fashion appealed to NAFCU, and so a plan was set to pitch stations prior to “Black Friday”, arming listeners with useful tips before they went shopping.  News Generation maximized reach by targeting the largest networks and top-25 market stations. This all earned-media strategic approach focused on securing quality interviews with top NACFU experts on highly-ranked stations to maximize on-air time for the organization.

The total audience reach for this campaign exceeded 27 million adults, across national, regional, state networks and top market stations, and the buzz led to more media requests after the tour ended.  And keeping with the holiday savings theme, this effort cost a fraction of a cent to reach each listener.  

Sample: This one Associated Press hit alone reached nearly 15 million listeners: