Valerie Geller has made a successful business consulting and authoring books about the keys to “Powerful Radio.”  In an age where entertainment, news and information “radio” come in all shapes and sizes, across different technology platforms, and it’s incredibly easy for radio listeners to become distracted and overwhelmed.The funny thing is that while the listening environment as changed dramatically, the basic principles for successful radio communication and audience connection really haven’t shifted.  We simply need to be reminded sometimes of these tried and true guidelines when seeking to connect with our audiences.

According to Valerie, there’s a simple formula.  If you want listeners to come and stay you need to engage them. How?

First and foremost, tell the truth.  Be authentic.  Be yourself.

Second, make sure what you say actually matters to your listeners and that your announcer or radio personality authentically cares about what he or she is presenting.  And he or she should present it to YOU the audience, personally and directly.

So what does matter to audiences?  The Frank Magid study for years has said “health, heart and pocketbook.”  Valerie adds “transformation” to this theme list as she says every listener wants to believe that their own personal life can get better.  Teach the audience something new and better yet, give them “talkable” topics they can share, so that in this social media age they get some social currency out of it as well.

Most of all?  Never be boring and make the listener feel good.

Valerie’s principles are worth printing and posting for all staff to see and be reminded of daily because again, in this frenetic world of today’s media, it’s too easy to lose sight of the important basics of communicating.

Read the essay “Never Lose A Listener,” on, excerpted from Valerie Geller’s Focal Press book, Beyond Powerful Radio – A Communicator’s Guide to the Internet Age for Broadcast, Podcast, Internet & Radio

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