Admittedly, we are pretty serious research geeks here at News Generation.  We love to pour through station facts and stats and see what interesting tidbits we can uncover.  Twice a year, with the help of fresh Arbitron data, we happily update all key stats and facts and share them on our website in our Broadcast Resources area.  One listing that always offers interesting tidbits is our Number of Radio Stations by State breakdown.  There are more than 15,000 radio stations (15,620 to be exact) operating in the U.S. as ranked by Arbitron.  Texas, which does everything big, leads the way with the most stations at 1,081.  California, both big in size and densely populated, comes in number two at 1,041 stations.  And the District of Columbia, while tiny in size, is mighty in power and comfortably plays host to 46 stations, more than several states.

Our most interesting take-away from this update was the fact that over the past few years, the number of stations by state has remained pretty constant, but since  May of 2011, 25 states increased their station counts by more than 20, and 16 other states added at least ten stations.  This signals not only the enduring strength of radio, but perhaps a glimmer of optimism in tough economic times.

Where does your state stack up? Number of Radio Stations by State