We often get asked “What is the best way to prepare for a media interview?”  The best advice is to be authentic.   A recent post by TJ Walker on Forbes.com addresses just that.  Instead of focusing on what you want to say, which can sometimes result in an awkward interview that makes you sound stilted and rehearsed, focus on how you want to come across.  TJ goes through a quick bulleted list that will help you be conversational and comfortable:

  • Don’t read a prepared list;
  • Listen to questions and answer what is asked;
  • Respond as if you are talking to one person; and
  • No jargon!

One of the things I loved during my time as an on-air DJ was that I could talk to just one person out there in radioland and connect with them.  I didn’t want to be an “announcer” but rather, a trusted friend, having a chat about an interesting topic.  So next time you’re going on the air, ditch the prepared and rehearsed list you’re clinging to, and just be yourself. For more tips on being interviewed, check out our tips.