In this competitive business world a marketing strategy is essential to getting your business noticed. Not only that, but your marketing strategy has be unique and set you apart from the rest, and incorporating video can help you achieve that.  On Thursday, September 13, we participated in a webinar put on by Jon Milavec, founder of Mixed Bag Media and Tara Lamboley, founder of RevDemand. We learned a lot and wanted to share what we learned.

Here are just a few reasons why integrating video can help improve your current strategy:

  1. It doesn’t matter what size your business is, it can help get you noticed.
  2. Video enhances other marketing and communications channels (ties back to your website, blog, emails)
  3. It can be inexpensive, and still professional.
  4. Media users are consuming video content at unprecedented, annually increasing rates, just take a look at the figures below.

Some Fact & Figures on Video Consumption:

  • October 2010, 175 million internet users watched 15.1 hours of video content per viewer.
  • October 2011, 184 million internet users watched 21.1 hours of video content per viewer.
  • So October 2012 has the potential to be up to 194 million internet users that could view over 30 hours of video content!
  • 50.4% of all videos being viewed online on YouTube, which is free to consumers, that equates to 22 billion video hits.

What do all these facts & figures mean?

Video is effective, and it’s everywhere!

 Video is effective and unlike any other of media because it:

  1. Engages the viewer
  2. Increases conversion (sales and participation) rates.
  3. Encourages sharing, which means more exposure for your business
Here is an example – Dollar Shave Club, is a small business that used video. the commercial went viral & now the company has been back ordered for 3 months!  This proves that unconventional videos can be effective, and that video has the potential to go viral and reach millions of viewers.

However, when making a video, don’t make ‘going viral’ a focus, make longevity a focus. Video longevity can be a digital asset, just like your website, graphics, etc. In order to ensure longevity make sure your subject and information won’t get outdated quickly, that way it can be used over and over again. You will also get the most for you money this way.

Video Components to Increase Longevity:

  • Branded: this combines useful, memorable information first, some entertainment and your brand. Viewers associate the information and entertainment with your brand, and will think of your company or business when it comes to mind.  Key to this is to not “bang them over the head” with your brand, but leave them feeling as though your brand offers solutions they need.
  • Smart: This is tailoring video content for your audience base, the people that will use your product or service. For example, knowing if it is best to make a humorous video, or a simple informative one.

Here are some frequently asked video questions we found useful:

Q: With all the software that’s available should I make my own video?

A: It depends; consider the image of your brand. If you are trying to sell something or get donations for a non-profit, high quality can pay off.

Q: Should I be reserved about using company logos and contact info in the video?

A: Yes, less logo is more. Don’t force it, it can be annoying and detract from the video. It feels too “hard sell” and commercial.

 Q: Should I start a youtube channel?

A: Sure, they are free, and it keeps your videos organized and in one place. It can be used to keep your brand cohesive.

 Q: Is producing a video expensive & time consuming?

A: It can be. It just depends on your subject and what is being created.  Do your research, more expensive doesn’t always mean better.  Get a range of bids for any work you seek to commission.  If costs seem high take into consideration the effectiveness and the payback.

Q: Should I autoplay videos on my website?

A: No, some viewers may find that annoying, let the viewer choose if they want to watch your content, don’t force them.

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