Have you ever seen a media interview go completely off track?  A spokesperson fumbling for what they want to say and perhaps, a journalist seizing on an opportunity with “gotcha” questions that leave an interviewee off balance? Or a spokesperson so focused on their message that they don’t answer the questions asked of them?  It doesn’t have to be this way.

With preparation and practice, anyone can be confident in an interview setting.  Media training helps spokespeople get comfortable and effective in front of the camera or microphone in advance of media events or as ongoing training for when media opportunities arise.  Though your spokesperson may know their issue well, media training translates that knowledge into powerful, meaningful communication for broadcast.

We’ve found that media training sessions allow a spokesperson to master messaging and delivery to best present an issue and organization for television and radio interviews.  Understanding that what works in print interviews is often quite different than what works in broadcast media, and media training should focus on the medium through which communication will take place.

Any media training session should focus on

  • Effective message delivery and actionable steps that can be applied right away;
  • Concise, quotable sound bites;
  • Ways to control different interview situations;
  • Avoiding common interview pitfalls; and
  • Building confidence and comfort to come across as credible.

Every training session should include the opportunity to rehearse interview scenarios in a broadcast setting.  This practice, combined with constructive critiques by our coaches, helps sharpen messages and refines delivery skills, such as body language, gestures and pacing.

For our video on media training, please visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BB6fwBZwg1g&feature=plcp


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